Dr. Leslie Recio is Co-Author in the book “Toxicogenomics in Predictive Carcinogenicity”

Dr. Leslie Recio has published a book chapter entitled, “Human Embryonic Stem Cells as Biological Models to Examine the Impact of Xenobiotics on the Genome and Epigenome” in the book “Issues in Toxicology No. 28: Toxicogenomics in Predictive Carcinogenicity”,  M. D. Waters and R. S. Thomas, eds.,  The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016, London.

This book chapter outlines the use of human embryonic stems cell as novel cell culture models in toxicology to assess the impact of environmental agents on the human epigenome. Compounds that affect the cellular epigenome in stem cells can lead to birth defects, adverse outcomes or developmental aberrations later in life in response to physiological cues or environmental exposures, and increased risk of cancers.

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