ILS uses toxicogenomic studies employing next generation sequencing technology for gene expression profiling and identifying bioinformatics based gene signatures to assess genotoxic versus nongenotoxic mode-of-action. ILS also conducts dose-response studies to identify NOEL and benchmark dose used to identify thresholds of toxicological concern. ILS uses state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing technology for expression profiling (toxicogenomics) and targeted qRT-PCR assays integrated with various human cell culture or animal model systems as part of investigative toxicology studies. Toxicogenomics can be used as a powerful tool in the safety assessment of pre-clinical candidates, as well as novel small molecule and commodity chemicals since these data can be used to:

Specific toxicogenomics services offered:

Nucleic Acid Purification and Analysis

Next Generation Sequencing Technology

Gene Expression/Detection via PCR

Protein Characterization

Cell Culture and in vitro Assays