Interpreting and leveraging Tox21 high-throughput data


  • Evaluate Tox21 and/or ToxCast high-throughput screening data for food-use chemicals using computational toxicology methods and in-house expertise.
  • Clearly communicate data and analyses in reports and presentations.
  • Identify, highlight, analyze and explain the most important findings from within a broad data set.


  • Identify and develop methods optimized to address project goals.
  • Establish strong project management foundation and communication channels meeting client expectations and allowing client to provide ongoing feedback.
  • Integrate data releases on an ongoing basis to account for updates of source databases; adjust methods and processes as needed.


  • Developed novel methods, drawing on extensive computational expertise and strong fundamental knowledge of toxicology and biochemistry, to integrate cheminformatics with large-scale biochemical in vitro data.
  • Created a unique workflow to account for continual updating of source databases throughout the course of the study.
  • Ensured flexibility in workflow to integrate client feedback, follow up on suggestions and investigate novel methodology.
  • Maintained clear and open lines of communication through reports and web conferences to keep all parties up to date and address specific client requirements.
  • Provided materials that enabled the client to make this complex work approachable and understandable at nearly a dozen international meetings (posters and presentations) and through two peer-reviewed journal articles.