Services Overview

A full array of toxicology services.

Our diverse capabilities, combined with an effective project management structure, enable ILS to offer flexible, targeted solutions to meet your needs at various phases of your study.

We can provide a full solution — including study design, study conduct, sample analysis and data interpretation — or you can take advantage of individual services. Either way, we’ll customize our approach to make sure that your specific issues are addressed.


In Vitro Toxicology

Assessment of cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, enzyme induction, and effects on the genome and epigenome in cell lines, hepatocytes and stem cells.

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In Vivo Toxicology

Safety assessment, efficacy and mode-of-action studies to support regulatory requirements, pre-clinical safety and investigative toxicology.

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Pathology & Histology

Comprehensive GLP-compliant pathology and histology services to support pre-clinical safety and investigative studies for regulatory and research applications.

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Genetic Toxicology

Comprehensive genotoxicity assessments using screening assays, regulatory test batteries, and investigative mode-of-action studies.

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Integrating genomic profiling with traditional in vitro and in vivo toxicology studies to determine mode-of-action and establish benchmark dose for risk assessments.

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Computational Toxicology

QSAR, literature mining, bio- and chemoinformatics, read across and predictive model development to support data-driven decisions.

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