ILS posters for the 59th annual Society of Toxicology (SOT) meeting & Tox Expo 2020.

ILS Director of Toxicology, Cheryl Hobbs, PhD, Study Director/Health and Safety Officer, Michael A. Streicker, LATG, and Analytical Chemistry Study Director, Formulations Manager, Keith Burke co-authored the poster titled,

“Absence of in vivo genotoxicity of a purified Aloe vera whole leaf juice concentrate when tested in rats using the comet assay.”

ILS Senior Computational Toxicologist, Xiaoqing Chang, PhD, DABT, Senior Data Analyst, Jaleh Abedini, and Principal Scientist, Shannon Bell, PhD co-authored the poster titled,

“Exploring IVIVE for Exposure and Health Impacts of E-Cigarette Flavor Mixtures.”